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PostPosted: 2014/12/22 4:22    Post subject:

Where is Mikki?!

Rogues have a nice toolkit but their DPS is really poor right now. I'm considering if I should boost a mage :P

Preachers videos are very nice. If you're going with rogue i recommend having a look.

PostPosted: 2014/12/19 3:55    Post subject:

Well u'll have the Robot for competition on yr Rogue Mikki, so u'll have dps really, REALLY, HAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRDDDDDDDD!!!!!

Also, u might want to check out a youtuber called Preacher and his channel, very recently made a Combat & Sub Rogue Guide that may be of interest (I mentioned it to Iehi, no idea on his opinion though)

Oh, and the majority is on Silvermoon btw

Cya soonz, Vix

PostPosted: 2014/12/18 12:22    Post subject:

Tis me peeps.

Second rate slacker.

Hope the game is worth my time. tbh don't care....generally play games with Harrison (almost 8 now) but I will play till 100 and if the content is good enough for me to stick around I will.

I am just going to play Rogue and its numbers look awful so will not be many around.

Ill get my chit sorted tomorrow.


PostPosted: 2014/12/18 3:58    Post subject:

Certainly sounds like him Happy

PostPosted: 2014/12/16 14:40    Post subject:

Mikki? That really u? Or do my old eyes deceive me?

Just whisp me for inv if needed, have a lot of gametime atm;D


PostPosted: 2014/12/16 13:09    Post subject: Application.

Going to play over Christmas and see the new game to max level.

Wasn't going to bother until I saw you guys were on to play with.

Dotn have old login....CBA to find it,

Might bother later,,,,

Can I have an invite please Alex.